Monday July 16

Living in this City…well dealing with this city after having my 2 children has given me a love hate relationship with the place. What happen to my city? I feel as though the kids almost need to get sent out wearing armor most days. So what happens in the summer is that they stay in a lot because we are stuck in this godforsaken city. So what happens when they stay in a lo? They Drive me MAD! this city drives me MAD. So far this summer I’ve had trash dumped on my property, 2 bikes stolen in broad daylight with a police officer sitting right across the street, my car wind shield gets smashed, truck broken into and so on, and so on. If you walked through my beautiful historic park and home area, you’d think wow! this is sooooo nice omg! Like, these are sooo pretty, NOPE! ITS NOT! We have been living here almost 6 years now. Its a money pit! This place. I’ve never seen a house with more character than mine, but boy we did not know what we were getting ourselves into. Ever corner of this place needs to be reconstructed. So therefore i live in a construction zone. Now don’t get confused. I’ve been in this neighborhood since i was born. Well, I lived on the other side of the Blvd. from 1st grade to 8th grade, moved to Jersey for a year when my mother remarried… Huh! Jersey. Couldn’t even keep me there for a year. I cut school everyday and took the train to philly. I came back to philly for good, lived with my father over by Tacony for my four years of high school.(got into a lot of trouble during my high school years;))  But i always hung out in this neighborhood from 11years old until present. We used to hang out on the tracks across the street from what now has been my home for the past 6 years. I met my husband in this neighborhood when i was 11. We didn’t get serious until i was about 16. At 17 my daughter came along. At 19 my son came along. Its been rough. It’s been a looooong winding road. I never stopped going to school and i worked full time throughout all of this baby and college stuff. I Graduated college with a degree in Art. My husband worked his @ss of as well to get the job he has today. We never ever stop. We never slow down. Will we ever? Will it ever be enough? People keep telling me “o the neighborhood so coming up” no its not!. Will it ever? Is this place just going to turn into some war zone? its not far from it now. My heart is breaking everyday. I look outside and say to the kids “no there’s no one out that is up to any good stay in and find something to do.” “no you’re not going to the park.” “there’s a homeless crazy man sleeping in the park and O, there goes 2 big @ss stray dogs that are foaming at the mouth.” Thank god i have my family members and friends that my kids constantly get to visit. I always dreamed, as a teen, that my kids would grow up here and build the same great memories their father and I have built growing up in this MADplace. 


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